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Cakes + Desserts Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a custom cake?

Please fill out an inquiry form and we’ll go from there. Include as much detail as possible regarding design and attach any photo inspiration you may have.

When should I order my custom cake?

Because I am the sole baker and cake decorator, I have limited availability. I recommend contacting me 3-4 weeks before the cake is needed. I always try to accommodate last minute orders, but once a week is fully booked I stop taking orders. If you’re wondering whether your date is still open, please fill out an inquiry form and I’ll let you know!

How much will my custom cake cost?

I offer a variety of cake sizes.  See the chart below for a starting price for your custom cake. I will give you a custom quote once we’ve discussed your custom cake design together.

6" Round    (serves 10-12) 

8" Round    (serves 15-20)

10" Round  (serves 22-30)

12" Round  (serves 30-40)





These prices are for an undecorated cake. Please contact me for custom decoration prices. If you are interested in tiered cake, please contact me for pricing.

What is the pricing for your other desserts?

How many mini desserts should I order?

Please see the Dessert Menu for pricing. All mini desserts must be ordered by the dozen with a two (2) dozen minimum per flavor.

Dessert buffets are so tempting with all those options! I recommend ordering enough desserts to serve at least two per guest. That way guests can taste a few different desserts without running out.

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