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I'm Stephanie, owner of S. Richardson Cakes.  As a one woman business, I bake and decorate every cake that is ordered from my shop.


My love of baking started early, with an obsession for making chocolate chip cookies as a child. From cookies I graduated to pies, learning my grandmother's recipe using fresh picked blueberries from my grandparents' backyard. Throughout high school and college I always turned to baking as a form of relaxation or stress relief (that had delicious results and many happy family members and friends.)


After graduating college and searching for a job, I stumbled upon a local bakery looking for part-time help. At that bakery I was introduced to cake decorating and I was immediately hooked. Since that first bakery job, I have refined my skills at a number of bakeries in the Triangle area. In 2019 I decided I would like to be my own boss and opened a home-based bakery of my own.


I enjoy working with both buttercream and fondant in my cake decorating and am always interested in learning new cake trends.  Whether you are ordering a first birthday cake, a wedding cake, or a cake for celebrating your love of dessert, I will work with you every step of the way.  I love being a small part of your special celebration and hope to make the experience enjoyable!


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